Simplify your designs

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12 April 2021, Monday

Simplify your designs

You can apply this rule to several things in life, less is more. This is especially crucial with e-learning because it’s all about giving the learner what they have in digestible bits. A few key points can be far more effective than an entire hour of reading. What we do not want to try to do maybe a knowledge dump. No one can ingest everything if you provide it to all of them directly. You’ve probably been during a situation where this happened to you. I certainly have. A common scenario for this is new hires. New employees get such a lot of information on their first day or in their first week. It’s hard to recollect anything once you are bombarded with an excessive amount of content directly. Let’s explore some ways to wash up your slides and reduce the clutter. Organize your content. Use a more info button to share additional information without cluttering the slide. Put snippets of data sort of a quote or a fact in shaded boxes to line it aside from the remainder of the content.

Use icons to clean up your slides and get your learners engaged. A simple icon serves as a button to deliver more content. A magnifying glass can be good for a list of terms or definitions, or perhaps sharing additional resources. The light bulb can offer a tip or additional fact. And the compass is good for navigation tips or helping a new learner get accustomed to the format. You can clear up a lot of on-screen clutter by hiding it with buttons. Audio and video are good options for simplifying your content as well. A YouTube video that demonstrates a concept or skill can save slides of text and is far more interesting. And audio snippets are another great way of sharing additional content. Clearing away the clutter on the slide can simplify things and give a cleaner look. Less clutter means a better online learning environment. And finally, Keeping it simple and uncluttered will make the learning experience far more enjoyable for your learners and give them a chance to ingest the content more easily.

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