Frequently Asked Questions

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Services Plans
How is the payment terms?

You have to pay for 6 months in advance. The next payments can be monthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly. There will be discounts for higher durations.

What about my domain name

If you already don’t have a domain name, we will help you get it. If already have done we will help you configure the same to our hosting service. 

Image library

Our image library is collection from the open source site. You can use it for free. We have created a seperate category when the attribution is required. 

What is the minimum duration?

As we are not charging any setup fee, you have to subscribe for a minimum of 6 months.

How long will it take

Based on how fast you choose your template and provide appropriate content. We will take 1-2 days to update the same. 

Can we make our own changes

Yes. We will give you a visual editor that you can use to make change to the website on your own. If required we can help too.. 

Do you have any set up fee?

No, There is no set up fee. It is 100% free.

How is the payment terms for addons?

All the addon payments are one time only.

Can you set up LMS & CMS

Check out out combo plans to see what works for you 

Can we use your template for free

Choose the package that includes templates and you are welcome to use 

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