Balance the look of eLearning designs

It’s all about creating content that does not distract the learner and is straightforward in the eyes. I like to stay balanced and rhythm in mind when I’m designing. Maybe you never even thought of these things before, but let me show you ways effective they will be. In this infographic I created on bear safety, color is employed to make balance. The darker colors at rock bottom provide its weight. You can use color in this way to anchor objects or shapes to the bottom of the slide. Let’s take a glance at a variation of that. On the left is that the original, but within the right example, I’ve altered the color, so it’s darker on top and lighter on rock bottom. It doesn’t have an equivalent flow as before because my eye is drawn to the rock bottom of the slide first. Lighter objects always attract once you are designing for online use.

So believe what you would like them to read and appearance initially. In this example, the slide on the left has a larger object on the top, so it feels top-heavy. By rearranging the slide and moving the smaller item to the top, the slide has better balance. Balance is everything. Here, the shoes are down from the center and are large enough to give weight to the slide, and a darker strip at the bottom also helps to anchor things. Here are some tips to remember. Take time to think about and add balance to the slides. Rethink the size of all objects and text on the slide. Making everything huge is confusing and just a bad design. And finally, pay attention to hierarchy. Organize the content by importance. The larger and brighter objects will be seen first, so use that knowledge in your planning.