This was a journey in the last weekend trying to find a marketing solution for our ePHM course that we run. Really came across a companies which really did simple things which goes beyond marketing but making the user experience really great. The picture below shows the logo. A simple character right !!


Reddit If you have heard of the company or hearing now is because not of the huge marketing budget they have got. They spend only about $500 (till 2013) for promoting the product. They spend the entire budget in printing stickers and just putting it around. Then something interesting happened after that, it really got viral. People were even putting the stickers everywhere, some even made physical tatooo off. This is not only because they had a very nice picture but also as a team they cared. They met people who supported them. They shared the passion for the product beyond the website. They went out and met them

Then we thought if they can do it physically, why not we do it digitally.  We created our own logo and started putting it out to all the groups, online forum where it is relevant. We see our registration going up gradually. Lets See!!!



But it does not stop there. In an online learning course I think we have to go beyond just making the course great, but also to care for the students who are with us in the journey. Care for them to help them grow.