5 Tips for making presentation

I have seen many people who are really good at what they do, but only because they don’t have a good presentation skill they are not able to communicate the idea to the audience. Its also vis-versa there are some people who don’t know much about the content but they just take the audience away with the talk and the presentation, so I was thinking what is the secret here. So here I put together 5 things that you should consider, while making the next presentation

  1. Give an overview to your presentation at the beginning
  2. Just don’t put lots and lots of content on to your ppt, give a bit more careĀ 
  3. Tell story, people love to listen to stories
  4. Pictures are the key, it really stimulates brain
  5. Give attention to details

The last bonus tip is very simple, you need to practice, practice and practice before making that presentation

Same tips can be expanded in converting your presentation into an e-learning format.