Today I went for a movie and it was the first movie I saw the people were just blown away by the movie, all of them were talking about it. I just loved the movie. It kept me thinking one simple things what made that movie good.

5 things I learned from watching a movie

  1. Don’t just put it just because you have to, when the movie started with a simple bus journey but there was obvious effort made to make sure that the small things that people did during that time the name (movie name, directors name etc)  was displayed in the movie, it was really connected to the day today things that we do.
  2. The beginning is crucialthe movie stated with a very small suspense which set the stage for the entire movie.
  3. Simplicity– When you give close attention to the language and the music used in the movie, it was  not distracting it just was just simple camera work, simple music, nothing extra to show the hero or anything of that sort.
  4. Power of repetition- In the film actor just faked an important dates just by repeating the dates to fake the entire police department and the people around him
  5. Connecting the dots –  All the characters who was shown initially in the movie had a meaning currently and later in the movie, also was connected to the main heart of the movie which made it very special

How to apply it in e-learning course 

  1. When we develop our course, we just put it just because we have to. We have to give close attention to what contents that we are putting to the students does it actually make any sense for them.
  2. In the beginning of the course, it becomes very important to set the stage for students to understand the broad understanding about the course that they are going to be
  3. Simplicity is the crucial key while designing the course, students don’t want to spent time finding out what they want to learn, its better to make the content as simple as possible and put only what is relevant
  4. Repetition is the mother of all skills, when you repeat something in different ways, you can help students remember it for a long time
  5. In e-learning Connecting the dots, that is brining all that they have learned and putting them together is the key to successful e-learning course